• Pixtrek
    Your world photo map

    Pixtrek is an application for travellers. You add photos - we generate routes, calculate distances and sort photos by dates and locations.

    Pixtrek is a mobile application and web-service used to create “travels” - travel albums based on photos with the location. It generates routes, calculates distances and sorts photos by dates and locations.The app allows you to easily save your travel memories. We can help you quick&simple create travel albums, comment them, share, get feedback and discover the world with friends, travel-bloggers&photographers.

  • With Pixtrek you can

    • Create travel - your travel album. You just add photos - our app sorts them by time, date and locations, generates a viewable and editable map.
    • Share your impressions by adding the description to travel, day or photo.
    • Track your friends’ reactions when they add comments, likes, and shares.
    • Get to know something new about your friends, bloggers and the whole world from your customized travel news feed.
    • Find inspiration for new adventures.
    • Follow the most popular directions in your target directions, cities, and countries.
    • Recollect the story of your travels and save memories about your happy moments.
    • Discover the world via photos, review new interesting places and landscapes found by your friends and professional travellers.
    • Manage your travels and subscriptions with Pixtrek web-interface.