Nauru "lost island"

If you want to feel almost wild, then you definitely need to relax in Nauru. It is the smallest country in Europe, washed by the Pacific Ocean. The island is considered to be one of the richest, as phosphorite deposits have been discovered there. Do you want to feel like on the moon? Then you should come there. After the extraction of phosphorite and many excavations, the island looks like our satellite. I have gathered for you the best things that a tourist who came to Nauru needs to know.

How to get
It can only be reached by plane from the Australian city of Brisbane.


At the end of October you will witness an important holiday for the aborigines - Angama Day. This day marks the date when the island's population first reached one and a half thousand people - a figure that was the minimum necessary for the survival of the nation.

Anibare Bay

This is a beach, as in the picture of the best beaches in the world. Here you can meet a beautiful dawn and immerse yourself in the underwater world of Nauru.

Nauru Government House

This is a place where the cultural achievements of the islanders themselves gather. It is interesting to look at those who are interested in different cultures of the world. Excursions to Nauru are not popular because a lonely walk around the island does not take much time. You can fully immerse yourself in the life of the locals.

What to eat

A variety of fast food, asian cuisine and curry. However, locals managed to keep their dishes. These are a variety of seafood, coconuts and fruits.


Nauru is a small island that does not even have a capital. Shopping does not play a big role here. There are small shops, but you will not find large shopping centers here. The island is the best place for those who want to enjoy nature.

The best activity on the island

The most famous diving on this island has gained popularity.Diving is one of the main tourist destinations in Nauru. Although the ecological system has been damaged during phosphate production, today there is a great chance to restore the former natural resources. If you are a novice diver, choose diving in the area of ​​Ivo Harbor or on the northeast coast. Are you a real pro? Then you will be more interested to explore the depths of the ocean in the northwest of the reef ring, dive at Kaiser College or in the Gulf of Anibara. Be careful and vigilant: underwater caves abound here, sudden sharp currents are possible.

Sport fishing is another popular time in Nauru. The waters near the coastal islands are sharply deepened, which allows you to enjoy sea fishing to the fullest. If you are lucky, you can see here the customs in abundance of marlin, yellow tuna and sailboats. You can try yourself in traditional Polynesian fishing methods, but modern effective methods are more popular.

Experts say

The island may soon disappear from the face of the earth.The most active mining, which seriously damaged the coral island, took place after the end of World War II. Now Nauru is one of the least known tourist areas on the planet, only a few tourists know about the existence of a miniature island. Lovers of sparsely populated and non-touristy places, exotic nature and picturesque beaches come here to relax, and the island is of great interest to diving fans. An international airport has recently been built on the island, which regularly operates flights from Australia, New Zealand and surrounding cities.

Have time to enjoy the beauty of the island and see the coral island and create your own route with Pixtrek.